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Freedomsite Services


How Do You Buy Freedomsite Services?

With FREEDOMSITE, in about 10 minutes or less and in just 3 easy steps, you construct a custom employer model right for your business. Nothing more, nothing less. You pick from a Simple Easy FREEDOMSITE specific menu of payroll, benefits and HR services you need and will keep you in compliance and help you grow. Based on your size and the services you pick FREEDOMSITE will determine your one simple fee, just like that! Winning in Business is easy with FREEDOMSITE!

Freedomsite's Broad menu of services

Freedomsite ASO verses PEO and PSO ASO PEO PSO
Complete Payroll Service (Payroll checks, Direct Deposit, W-2’s & Job Costing)
Complete Payroll Tax Service (All Federal, State and Local Tax filing and payment)
Complete Workers Comp Administration Service (including Filing, Payment with new prospective payment rules, Claims Admin, and Cost Containment)  
Complete Unemployment Tax Administration Service (including Filing, Payment, Claims Admin and Cost Containment)  
Complete HR Administration (Recordkeeping, Compliance, Hiring & Recruiting Assistance, Firing, Handbooks, Posters)  
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) (Insurance Coverage for up to $2 million for Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, etc.)  
Total ERISA Benefits Administration (ERISA Edge TASC), ERISA, HIPAA, ACA & COBRA Compliance,
(available with Guardian Life Insurance Company Group Life, Short Term Long Term Disability, Dental, Vision, Extra Life, Critical Illness, Accident, Pre-paid Legal, Employee Discount services)
129 Dependant Care Assistance Plan Administration (Plan Documents, Enrollments, Pre-Tax Deductions)  
401k Multiple Employer Plan Administration (Plan Documents, Enrollments, Pre-Tax Deductions)