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About Freedomsite


Running a business can be hard work. However being an “employer" can be even more challenging. Government rules and regulations put you and your company at risk every day. You have a lot riding on the fact that you have liability for payroll and payroll taxes, your retirement plan and employee related liability for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, age discrimination and more. All of these can result in harsh penalties, interest, legal costs and court awards.

As an Administrative Service Organization, or ASO, Freedomsite is like having your own HR Payroll and Benefits Department. Freedomsite not only provides freedom from the burden of employee administration but we also reduce and in some cases eliminate your Employee related liabilities.

Focus on growing your business. Companies who use Freedomsite find they gain more control over their business because they are freed from administrative burdens and details that go along with being an employer. Our ASO service allows you to focus on doing what you do best - growing your business! At the same time, you'll have access to the highest quality and most cost effective benefits that motivate and increase employee loyalty, helping you attract and retain your best performers while reducing turnover. Freedomsite's Mission is helping you accomplish Your Mission!


Tyranny of Government Intervention:

  • Over 30 employment related Federal, State & Local Government Agencies.
  • Thousands of rules and regulations which are ever changing and growing.
  • Impossible to maintain full compliance & stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance.
  • Numerous requirements to maintain employment files and records.
  • Requires translation into business of expensive bureaucracy to keep up.

Tyranny of The Urgent - Focus & Distraction:

  • Owners and key managers need to focus time and energy on core-competency.
  • Too many competing responsibilities and distractions hold back success.
  • Business owners and managers often sacrifice time with family and vacations.
  • Success of business ultimately determined by ability of owners and managers to delegate… but to right people.

Tyranny of the Hireling - Delegation Challenge:

  • Definition of Hireling: Someone hired who lacks consequences for their actions or inactions -- unlike an owner and the business is still liable.
  • Small businesses often have no choice but to delegate serious employment responsibilities and risks to inside staff who often lack expertise and who are also distracted.
  • Inside staff leave and take expertise and knowledge learned at seminars at business’s expense with them, leaving the business to invest again.
  • Delegation to most outside service providers and advisors does not solve problem because most of them do not accept the responsibility, liability or risk for their work or advise.

Tyranny of Small Size:

  • Small businesses lack economies of scale that large organizations enjoy.
  • Employee administration costs for a large employers (with over 500 employees) can be on average 50% less for payroll services, HR services, benefits and retirement plan administration, etc. than a small employer (100 or less employees).
  • Less affordable or less available benefits features makes it harder to recruit or retain employees.

Tyranny of Employee Turnover:

  • Keeping employees happy with benefits is more difficult for small businesses with competition from larger more prosperous employers’ expansive programs.
  • New hired employees are less able to serve the organization’s customers for a period of time and service levels go down, sapping productivity and requires retraining of new replacement employees when hired.
  • Administrative costs go up, including executive time spent interviewing, cost of ads and doing background checks, etc.

Tyranny of Legal Liability:

  • 40 year trend in US to put all general responsibilities for government programs on US employers as well as legal liability.
  • Costs and frequency of employment practices-type liability has risen including: sexual harassment, wrongful hiring, termination and disciplining, age, sex and race discrimination, etc., and you do not have to be guilty to be accused of these charges.
  • Costs of legal defense have risen as well as settlements, court costs and judgments have increased 300% in the last 10 years to over $780,000 on average.
  • Employers can not get a fair shake in court where it is not a jury of its peers (other employers) but a jury of its plaintiffs (other employees) -- 60% odds of failure in court.

Exciting Attributes Of A Relationship with FREEDOMSITE

Outsourcing – You outsource all your backroom payroll, benefits and HR functions and responsibilities to Freedomsite and let our experts carry the burden. This allows you focus on your core business, allowing you to grow and profit more!

Group Buying Power – You join with other Freedomsite clients and achieve unique “Economies of Scale” for purchasing employment products and services saving time and money!

Small Fractional Share Cost – Freedomsite assigns an exclusive local HR generalist CSR to your business as well as payroll, tax and benefits experts and you pay only a small fractional share of the cost shared with other small businesses!

24/7 Service Access - both online and by phone!

Scalable – You pick from a menu of Payroll, Benefit and HR products and services to fit your budget and needs and they are changeable and scalable as you grow and prosper!

Single Source – Instead of dealing with multiple experts and companies, Freedomsite is a complete One–Stop Shop!

Unique benefits of a relationship with FREEDOMSITE

Powerful Website: Freedomsite provides your business with great tools and access to a secure comprehensive large company style “Cloud” based online payroll, HR and benefits suite powered by HR Pyramid a national HRIS provider.

Full HR Service: We will assist you in hiring, firing and disciplining employees, including doing it for you. Keep you up to date on new government rules and regulations. Your business will have employee handbooks customized for your business and even keep your required employer posters up to date.

Handle Workers’ Comp and Unemployment Claims: We will work with you to lower your costs by effective management of these responsibilities.

Insured & Bonded: All HR advise and employee administration services provided by Freedomsite’s staff is covered by Freedomsite’s Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O), as well as appropriate bonding.

Your Business is also directly Insured: Your Business is covered with a group Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for up to $2 million for all kinds of employment related problems, such as race, age and sex discrimination, wrongful hiring and firing, sexual harassment and other employment related liabilities.

Recruiting & Retention: With Freedomsite, not only will we help you find new employees as part of our service it is easier to recruit new employees. Freedomsite will help you with keeping employees happier, more productive and more likely to stay with your business.

Quality of Life & Peace of Mind - You and your key managers will enjoy working on your business again and not being distracted with employee issues and problems. You may even have more time for the family, vacations, special interests and causes and even hobbies.

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