What does Freedomsite offer for your business?

Fresh Website Design
  • Fresh Website Design

    We create an original design that is uniquely suited for your business. You won't find any templates here.

  • Web Development

    When we code your website, we ensure that it is W3C valid and that it works across all modern browsers. A few of the technologies we use on a regular basis:

    Marketing and SEO
    • Flash/Actionscript
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript (jQuery libraries)
    • PHP/MySQL
    • Wordpress and Drupal content management systems
  • SEO Strategies

    Search engine optimization is an important tool to help you effectively market your new website. We provide a range of SEO services as well as the tools you need to develop a marketing stragtegy for your business.

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    Below are some basic tips that may already be familiar to seasoned web developers/designers, but are what we consider best practices for designing and building a website.

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